Storage In Transit


What is Storage In Transit? (seen as SIT)

When a shipper decides they need their goods kept by the moving company until final delivery. This may be because of building a new home, or no new residence has been purchased yet, or simply convenience; so we offload into a climate controlled unit of our own.

The warehousing/storage unit will be climate controlled, will only be accessible by the moving company, and will be paid for by the moving company. In the event of an emergency a Shipper can request entry accompanied by our GM; by visiting our office for assistance.

While in warehousing with the moving company all goods remain in the care custody and control of the moving company. Whichever valuation option assigned at the start of the move is duplicated for the time goods are kept in warehousing. This is not optional and cannot be changed.

In lay mans terms, the added cost when in storage in transit, is because you’re goods must be offloaded, accrue a monthly storage fee, reloaded to moving truck, and then finally delivered to your destination.

All costs for a weight distance move will change accordingly, once the actual tonnage transported is known.