Storage In Transit

Not Ready To Move In Yet?

We can hang on to your things until you are.

What is Storage In Transit? (seen as SIT)

SIT is used when a shipper decides they need their goods held by the moving company until the time of final delivery. This may be because of building a new home, or that no new residence has been purchased yet, or simply out of convenience; so we offload into a climate-controlled storage unit of our own.

When you choose to have East Coast Moving retain care, custody and control of your goods in storage until the final delivery/unload – that is called S.I.T. (storage in transit). It is like having a small move in the middle of your initial LD & UNLD move. There is no set cost but you are billed by the day the goods are “in” warehousing. Whatever valuation (coverage for loss/damage) you assigned for your move, will be duplicated for the time you are in S.I.T..

When it comes to storage, we can load or unload at a unit of your own cost/responsibility, so long as it’s a truck friendly facility. Please remember you will need to be present for personal code sharing, locks, cleaning and move in/out information related to your rental unit.

East Coast Moving handles professional packing for you!

Storage facility guidelines to unit capacity below

5’ x 5’ x 4’

Personal closets are perfect for a single person looking to free up their closet or a small business in need of extra inventory space. This small storage unit is generally 5’x5’x4’ and can fit up to 50 small boxes.

5' x 5'

This storage unit is small but mighty! Our 5×5, 25-square-foot spaces are about the size of a walk-in closet and are great for holding household clutter, small furniture, and seasonal items.

5' x 10'

This storage unit size is popular because it’s so versatile and functional. Our 5×10, 50-square-foot spaces are about the size of a large shed and great for holding various items from a small apartment or all the furnishings of a bedroom or office.

10' x 10'

This storage unit is not too big, not too small, but just right for bulky furniture or equipment. Our 10×10, 100-square-foot spaces are about the size of half of a standard garage and can fit the contents of a one-bedroom home.

10' x 15'

Another popular choice, this storage unit is great for small families or households. Our 10×15, 150-square-foot spaces are about the size of a large bedroom and can fit the contents of a two-bedroom home.

10' x 20'

If you’re in between moves, staging your home for selling, or planning a big remodel, this storage unit might be the one for you. Our 10×20, 200-square-foot spaces are about the size of a small garage and can fit the contents of a three- or four-bedroom home.

10' x 30'

This storage unit is about the size of a large garage for those seeking a major space solution. Our 10×30, 300-square-foot spaces offer enough room to fit the contents of a four- or five-bedroom home.

Covered Parking

Parking spaces and covered vehicle storage for your car, boat, or RV can keep your ride from consuming valuable space in your garage, all while shielding it from the elements—like sunshine, rain, or hail. Some of our covered parking units even include electricity, too. Find and contact a self storage facility near you for location-specific car storage availability.